PERMAGARD Ultra-Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner

USD $75.00



PERMAGARD ULTRA-CONCENTRATED MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER is a highly effective all-purpose cleaner used to remove dirt and stains from plastic, rubber, polyurethane topcoat, clear coat, gel coat, carpet, fabrics and leather surfaces.

How to use: PERMAGARD ULTRA-CONCENTRATED MULITPURPOSE CLEANER is ultra-concentrated and must be diluted with water before use. Effective dilutions range from 1:25 parts water to 1:4 parts water. The 1:4 dilution is the most effective ratio of mix to remove extreme dirt and stains.

The diluted product is sprayed directly onto the surfaces to be cleaned and needs to be left for a few seconds. Then the surfaces need to be rubbed with a sponge or a soft brush. The sponge or brush needs to be rinsed periodically with water. Product can also be used to wipe clean large marine and aviation surfaces.

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